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Isyalikila Primary School

New teachers classroom furniture x12 sets
Adult education
Replace classroom roof truss x4 classrooms
Toilet block – girls
New desks x50
Toilet block – boys
Desk repairs x46
New drains – 8 classrooms
Renovation – 8 classrooms

8 feeding centres

2.6 tons orphan food

Nachipangapanga Primary School

Toilet block – girls
Desk repairs x60 desks
Renovation – 6 classrooms
Toilet block – Boys
Replace classroom rotten roof timbers – 4 classrooms
New desks x50
New drains x2 classroom blocks
New build – 2 classroom block
Repair broken desks x40
Repair broken desks x50
New desks x40

Chendo Primary School

Toilet block – boys
New drains x6 classrooms


New teachers classroom furniture sets x4
Bunk beds girls x32
Bunk bed mattress x64
New desks x35

Luzi Primary School

Repair broken desks x16


Bwengu Projects Malawi is a small, family run registered charity (England & Wales number 1183709) run by Sue & Tony Melia together with their daughter Samantha, son-in-law Rob and granddaughter Abi.

Each year we identify, fund raise and undertake various education and community projects in Northern Malawi.

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