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Chinunkha Primary School

Renovations – 12 classrooms
Adult education
Renovation – outside drains/steps/pathway x5 classrooms
Large hall room divide
Renovation – heads office
New staffroom furniture x12 sets
New library furniture
Teachers classroom furniture x12
2 toilet blocks (8 cubicles) – girls
2 toilet blocks (8 cubicles) – boys

Chinunkha CDSS

Renovation – 5 classrooms


Renovation – 2 classrooms
Toilet block – boys

Chendo Primary School

Renovation – outside drains x4 classrooms
76 desks repair
Renovation x8 classrooms
Toilet block – boys
New benches x40
Toilet block – girls

Mkombezi CDSS

Boys dorm toilet block
Boys dorm washroom/kitchen
Whole class teaching machine
Boys dorm renovation
Boys dorm renovation – 40 new bunkbeds
Boys dorm renovation – 80 mattress
Boys dorm solar lights

Mkombezi Primary School

Staff room furniture x10 sets
2 classrooms outside drains
Renovation – IT room

Chitokoto Primary School

50 new desks
35 new desks
Classroom internal doors with locks x 8

Enukweni Primary School

2 classroom roof repair
2 classroom divide

8 feeding centres

2.6 tons orphan food

Namatubi CDSS

Renovation – 2 classrooms
Repair broken desks x 48

Luzi Primary School

Staffroom furniture for 16 teachers
Muliti use breeze block window moulds x5

Isyalikila Primary School

2 classroom renovation
50 new desks

Mapata CDSS

2 toilet blocks

Luzi Primary School

2 toilet blocks girls


Bwengu Projects Malawi is a small, family run registered charity (England & Wales number 1183709) run by Sue & Tony Melia together with their daughter Samantha, son-in-law Rob and granddaughter Abi.

Each year we identify, fund raise and undertake various education and community projects in Northern Malawi.

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