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We travel to Malawi once or twice a year. Keep up to date here with what we've been doing recently and what we have coming up in the future. Please bear in mind that photos sent to us from mobile phones in Africa may be of variable quality! Look on our 'Projects' page for details of other projects we've completed over our time working in Malawi.

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Visit to Malawi May 2019

Samantha and Rob visited Malawi in May this year. As well as visiting all the existing schools where we have ongoing work they checked on all the Whole Class Teaching Kits. This included swapping all the SD cards in the tablets for updated versions with all the latest lessons from the Malawi Mational Curriculum.

Three new Whole Class Teaching Kits were delivered to Karonga Girls School, Meru Community Day Secondary School and Namatubi Community Day Secondary School. That brings the total number of our kits in Malawi to 16, with about 12,000 students benefitting.

In addition to some ongoing projects at current schools, a number of new schools were identified for potential projects (about 40 in total) to keep us going during the rest of 2019 and into 2020.

A big ‘Thank You’ to everyone who has supported us and helped us achieve some amazing results.

Quick work at Chendo Primary School

This is an example of how quickly things can be achieved. Sam and Rob arrived back from Malawi at the beginning of June and one of the schools that was in desperate need of some work was Chendo Primary School. The A-frames in the roof of one of the classrooms were dangerously rotted away. Within two weeks of their return we had transferred money to our supplier in Malawi and less than a week later the new A-frames were at the school ready to install.

Two A-frames, termite treatment and delivery for £90.00!!

Charity Commission application successful

Bwengu Projects Malawi received the good news that their application to become a registered charity was successfully approved. In fact, the email from the Charity Commission arrived as Samantha and Rob were on their way to Heathrow Airport travelling to Malawi!

Registered Charity number (England & Wales) 1183709

Visit to Malawi October 2019

Our good friend Patrick – who came with us to Malawi last year – is travelling out again in October 2019. He’s taking with him Chris, from Rotherham Rotary Club, who will help visit all our schools and deliver 3 new Whole Class Teaching Kits. They will also check on the progress of building work that has already started since Sam and Rob returned at the beginning of June.

It’s worth a reminder that these guys will pay for their own flights, accommodation and car hire to get to Malawi. We really appreciate their commitment and thank them for their support.

Projects summary 2018

Here is a list of projects completed in 2018.

Adult education – We have funded and completed this project in a total of 9 villages so far, with over 900 adults accessing the scheme.

Whole Class Teaching Kits – In 2018 we delivered 4 more kits to Mkombezi, Chinunkha, Luzi and Kacheche Secondary Schools.

Chinunkha Secondary School furniture repair project.

Junior School toilet blocks – 4 schools.

Kacheche Junior School renovation project

Mkombezi Secondary School – 4 projects

We identified Mkombezi Secondary School as a school that would benefit from a great deal of assistance. We have provided bursary funding for 40 students and we repaired existing broken desks and added more desks. In addition, we also provided the materials to repair their classrooms. The work was carried out by the local community. Finally, for 2018, we have provided 2 toilet blocks.

Orphan Care feeding program. This is an ongoing program and provides about 450 meals a day at 8 feeding centres. In a country with 1,000,000 orphans there is no shortage of demand. We have now provided well over 1,000,000 meals.

It’s worth reiterating that £1.00 provides 50 meals!!


Bwengu Projects Malawi is a small, family run registered charity (England & Wales number 1183709) run by Sue & Tony Melia together with their daughter Samantha, son-in-law Rob and granddaughter Abi.

Each year we identify, fund raise and undertake various education and community projects in Northern Malawi.

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